Walter James

Digital, E-Commerce & Analytics

Digital, E-Commerce & Analytics

In today's world, Digital and Analytics is a critical function that enables all other functions, including Supply Chain, Finance, HR and Sales & Marketing, to maximise and enhance their performance. The talented leaders in this area excel in aligning all areas of the business to support them in innovation and transformation that result in game-changing improvements that create a more agile and visible organisation that accelerates growth.

This function is at the forefront of ensuring that other functional areas cultivate a digital and future-ready mindset, and to encourage their teams to challenge existing norms to maximise what's currently in place whilst anticipating emerging markets and opportunities. 

With the emergence of immediate multi-channel connections with end-users, improvements in data analytics and an increasing demand for business intelligence, today's Digital, E-Commerce & Analytics leaders must ensure that they are consistently ahead of the curve. 

What we cover

The Digital, E-Commerce & Analytics practice within Walter James covers the following areas:


Head of Innovation

Data Analytics Directors / Leads

ERP / CRM Director

Digital Leads

Data Scientists

Director of Innovation

Head of Applications

Project / Programme Manager

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