CEO James Absalom in conversation with Yannis Skoufalos, Former Global Supply Chain Officer, P&G

James Absalom talks with Yannis Skoufalos, who's worked in the space of supply network at Procter & Gamble across Europe, North America and Latin America for 35 years. Yannis shares his insights on the changes happening within sector and what he believes the future of supply chain will look like.

They touch on topics such as the implementation of robotics and automation within a business and how it affects leadership, how a diverse workforce can influence positive results from a business, and how the consumer can upscale their knowledge of how to be sustainable. 

"I love the business of supply; I believe there is no better time for men and women to join the space of being in the business of supply. The impact we can do in the world - in the societal realities we live in, as well as in terms of business - is absolutely huge."

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