D&I in Conversation - Sue Garfitt

This week in the Walter James D&I series, Annabel Weeden speaks to Sue Garfitt, CEO and General Manager Alpro.

Sue started at Alpro in 2014; first as Commercial Director UK & Ireland, than as VP Customer Development, and now as CEO. Additionally, she is President of the European Plant-Based Foods Association.


Prior to joining Alpro, she led several commercial director functions at Maple Leaf Foods, PoleStar Foods, Burton’s Foods and Britvic Soft Drinks.

When Sue first joined Alpro, she was determined to change the way people thought about plant-based food. Instead of thinking it was for people who had a dietary problem, she wanted Alpro to be known as leading pioneer of a mainstream category for everyone enjoying planetary diets as part of a healthy lifestyle.

She is a big supporter of inclusive diversity: being able to bringing different people together – different profiles, different nationalities across both genders to collaborate and work together. It enriches working lives and encourages to grow, develop and think differently.

The world is changing around us and being able to grow a brand that can make a positive contribution to a better world, for people’s health and for the sustainability of our planet makes Sue very proud.

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