Walter James donates a percentage of their 2020 profits to support Black Lives Matter

Global executive search and human capital advisory firm Walter James have always been champions of fairness and equality. With the recent events that have taken place in the US with George Floyd, it sends a stark reminder that in many situations, globally, the colour of your skin can still greatly affect how you are treated. This needs to change and as a token of solidarity and support, Walter James has pledged to donate a percentage of their profits to support the Black Lives Matter campaign.

James Absalom, Founding CEO of Walter James, said “For us, it’s about making a gesture as an organisation as a show of respect. We are incredibly lucky that despite the pandemic, as a business we’ve continued to perform well and it seems only right that we give back, where we can, to such a worthy cause.” Working with highly talented, value-driven, ambitious, and tenacious people from the black community has played a tremendous part in the growth of Walter James to date and has made a positive impact on the diversity and broad balanced culture that exists with the businesses we work with. We want to help continue to support individuals from the black community to reach a place of equality with all people that enables families and communities they are part of to live life and enjoy their work in peace and harmony with all others.

Walter James understands the key role that they play in transforming leadership teams of the future to be fully representative. They believe that talent professionals hold power in contributing to the future of what companies look like. By providing clients with diverse shortlists, companies naturally become aware of broader talent pools, which opens the door for minority groups that have previously been underrepresented, whether due to race, gender, sexuality, disability, or socioeconomic background.

Their success in delivering positive business leadership change has been previously demonstrated with their client, Unilever. Unilever wanted to find supply chain talent to improve and drive innovation in their East Africa Supply Chain. The candidate not only needed to have a technical perspective but also a deep-rooted understanding of African culture and the ability to prioritise the wellbeing of their employees and the community on the plantation, consisting of 112 villages.

After completing a global search they identified a female African leader with knowledge of the region who has not only promoting a better performance around safety, wellbeing, and morale but has also been pivotal in providing the workers with housing, education, nursing, and medical care and accommodation, supporting all the villages, including 50 social halls, 162 waterborne toilets, security lighting and solar lights for all community areas.

Black Lives Matter is an expansive network that brings society together. Through its mission to connect people who have a shared desire for justice, the organisation has won critical legislation to benefit black lives and changed the terms of the debate on Blackness around the world.

The Black Lives Matter movement asks for society to accept and value the lives of everyone. Walter James is committed to continuing this conversation through ongoing discussions around diversity, inclusion, fairness, and equality in the corporate world at all levels with a specific focus on board-director and senior management levels.

By James Absalom

CEO & Managing Partner

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