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Interim Management

Interim Management

Walter James Interim partners with organisations to deliver the best candidates with the specific skills required and who are culturally aligned with the business needs. Our interim service helps organisations who are looking to scale resources quickly within transformation programmes through to business as usual profiles, to improve short-term skill gaps within our core functions of expertise.

Interim managers are highly skilled and brought into organisations to strengthen capabilities quickly and effectively. Their purpose is to effect change and roll out processes that they can leave as their legacy.

Benefits of Interim Consultants


From 5 years to 20 years of experience, you will notice an interim has delivered projects within a wide range of companies. They will be over-qualified for the position and come with a cultural maturity from diverse industry exposure.

Speed of Results

Interim consultants start driving results instantly and are expected to be building results and identifying quick wins within days. They will be immediately available or operating on extremely short notice periods.

Value for Money

Permanent resource incurs costs like NI, pension, health and holiday pay that interims do not. As a flexible resource, interims operate on short notice periods enabling business to scale resource up or down, benefiting in cost and time.


Interims are there to deliver and not to get embroiled in internal politics. They are objective.

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