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Project Outsourcing

Project Outsourcing

Walter James understands that our clients often have specific large hiring projects within niche verticals that put pressure on capability and capacity of personnel.

We offer a dedicated project outsourcing service that enables our clients to continue to own their hiring process by providing a true partnership.

A Walter James consultant will work solely with the client on a specific project and manage the end-to-end process, either centrally with the client, at their offices, or from one of the Walter James's office locations.

Benefits of Project Outsourcing

True alignment

Allows the client to ensure the assessment process matches their typical hiring process, whilst using the skills and network of a dedicated talent management professional, in the area they're hiring. 


A one time or monthly cost for the duration of the project allows more flexibility than a fixed cost from a permanent hire.

Cost efficiency

It's significantly more cost-efficient than using several firms to hire multiple roles and allows for a more consistent and transparent process with stakeholders.

Access to talent

As a global business, Walter James has access to talent in both established and emerging markets, which significantly reduces time to hire and increases the success rates.

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